Small Business Restructuring, Debt Mediation and Financial Consulting

Our goal at Genesis USAZ is simple: Help small businesses remain viable so they can continue to create jobs, drive innovation and contribute to our local community.

Our Services SAVE Companies from

Collections, Litigation and Bankruptcy

Debt Mediation: An Alternative Solution for Reducing Debt Without Bankruptcy or Litigation


Services for Start-ups and Established Businesses: Business Plans, and Equity Partnerships


Empowering Struggling Businesses with Vital Cash-Flow Boosts During Critical Times

Saving Businesses, One At A Time

Unleash the Power of Our Extensive Expertise in Managing Corporate Debts and Disputes

Effective Business Debt Reduction Solutions Tailored to Your Needs and Creditor Satisfaction

No matter whether your business is a ‘mom & pop’ business or a larger company, each business is important to our community and those who depend on it.

Every Small Business Matters

We are here to help!

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Our success rate increases your chance for resolving any debts or disputes without litigation, bankruptcy or closure.

Allowing a business debt to go to default, collections or litigation will only worsen over time. Allow us to work on your behalf so you can get back to running your business.